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Aug 2015

GROW International project – final event

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On the 9th of October, the GROW International Project will culminate its work and activities with a workshop, held in Malaga, Spain, hosted by IASP (International Association of Science Parks and Areas of Innovation).

Over the project duration, the GROW International team have developed a comprehensive training course for SMEs interested in becoming more international, comprising 6 different modules (Business English, Business International, Business in South-West and Mediterranean Europe, Multicultural Management, IPR Management & Rules in Europe, and Internationalization Planning). The pilot phase of this course was completed recently and the feedback from the participant evaluation process will be presented at this final event.

The final event will also bring together the lessons learnt from putting together this course, as well as speakers sharing their thoughts and knowledge on how SMEs can become more international, the role that universities may have in this process and the relevant tools that may be of use. In addition, some companies will share their personal experience of what it has been like to become international, including the obstacles that they encountered on the way.

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