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Jul 2015

Grow International training sessions

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In July, FUNDITEC hosted a series of sessions as part of the pilot phase of the Grow International training course on how to become more international in business, with the help of Dplus-plus. The participants of these sessions got involved in various activities. To begin with, a trainer explained the nature, meaning and objectives of the Grow International project. This was in addition to a demonstration on how to use the platform in terms of functionality and context. The purpose of the activity was to introduce the learning platform to the participants, showing the main content covered. Other participants in Madrid and Vigo also followed the activities online.

During the session, participants accessed the learning platform where they explored the content and structure of the different modules. The interactive nature of the sessions meant any participant queries were discussed. Participants registered in the platform and were shown how they will receive their login information. During these dissemination and informative sessions, the participants were given a general overview of all the modules. The main objective was to give them the necessary information to select at least three of the modules, which they will then complete in the coming months.

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