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product and resources produced

From the project activities will result the following products/resources:

  • GROW International Learning Guide – Guidebook with the learning modules developed under the project, exercises, case studies and examples. For the final project output with completed handbook and course materials, please see the following link:
    GROW International Handbook
  • Package of Learning Objects: set of resources for the support to the training course, such as PPT presentations, audio and/or video files, graphics and others;
  • Learning platform: online learning platform, with contents related with the internationalization process, where registered participants can find and share information and knowledge;
  • Best Practices Guide: Collection of case studies, resulting from the piloting phase implemented by each partner, with description of blended training methodology applied, resources involved, results achieved and “do’s” and “don‘ts” of each pilot. To read more and to download the final document of the Best Practices Guide, please see the following link:
    GROW International Best Practices
  • The GROW International final event, with experts sharing their perspectives on how to become international, and case studies of companies who have made it onto the road of internationalisation, was recorded live. To watch the event, and to hear the conclusions of the GROW International project, click the following link:
    GROW International Final event videos