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GROW International aims at transferring the methodology of “Doing business international”, an internationalisation training course addressed to traditional SMEs and craft firms that was developed under the previous LdV project “Doing Businesses International for SME (DE/08/LLP-LdV/TOI/147150).

As a TOI project, GROW International seeks to produce both a sectorial and geographical transfer of the course.

From a sectorial perspective, the project will adapt its results in order to support innovative SMEs and NTBFs. Even though these types of companies have a strong knowledge-based component they still suffer, in their vast majority, of difficulties to understand foreign cultures, to dominate English as the international business language, to know foreign legal business rules and legislation, or to understand other IPR systems. These firms also have difficulties to find specific human resources with skills to support their internationalisation, either because they are not available in the market or because firms cannot afford additional staff.

The focal point of the previous LdV project was the Baltic Sea region. GROW International aims at adapting the course to South-West and Mediterranean Europe, promoting internationalisation for firms in France, Italy, Portugal and Spain. Furthermore, once the methodology has been implemented in the South-western and Mediterranean European area, the project plans to promote internationalisation between SMEs in this area and the Baltic Sea region.

Specific objectives of the project are:

  • Development and update of the methodology and existing results of “Doing business international”, with the inclusion of new modules and adapting the content to the realities of South-western and Mediterranean European countries;
  • Creation of a specific training path and a learning tool for managers and employees of innovative SMEs and NTBFs, to be used as guide for firms’ internationalisation. It will also be available to others who may be interested, such as unemployed people aiming to reinforce their skills in order to find new jobs, students and any others interested in supporting internationalization processes and in developing internationalisation strategies together with basic skills such as foreign language and cultural diversity;
  • Awareness raising and skills development for professionals to understand and be prepared to take advantage of the European and global market business and employment opportunities;
  • Development of an online tool and additional learning materials to support access to the course suitable to all user needs, allowing anyone to learn anywhere and anytime;
  • Test methodologies and developed materials in order to recommend best practices, warn of potential constraints and support the dissemination of the materials;
  • Transfer of additional results “Classification within the credit point system” and “Examination Regulations”. The transfer of these results aims to become the basis for the development of tools for the validation of the course and influence of the VET system for each partner country.

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