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the project


The project will:

  • Widen the professionals’ opportunities, open to all citizens at a European level, promoting the mobility and the access to better jobs;
  • Contribute to the generalized use of foreign languages and the fluency in an universal language between citizens and companies from different State Members;
  • Raise awareness of the European multiculturalism, promote its understanding and contribute to the creation of an European identity among citizens;
  • Contribute to the development of the Single Market concept, promoter of the free mobility of people and goods in Europe;
  • Promote improvement of citizens quality of life, in particular among unemployed citizens, by fostering the development of competencies and skills that contribute to achieve better jobs, at an European level;
  • Encourage the qualification of HR inside companies, contributing to the innovation and competitiveness of firms, markets and Europe
  • Promote the commercial cooperation among several European countries, in particular those in the South-west and Mediterranean area, and reinforce their economy;
  • Develop tools and contents that allow access to general expertise and participation, promoting the share and the transfer of knowledge at European level.

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