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training programe


The project evolve around the transference, update and localisation of the modules “Business English”, “Multicultural Management” and “Baltic Business” and the training methodology developed under previous LdV project “Doing Business International for SME”. New modules will also be developed: “IPR Management & Rules in Europe”, “South-West & Mediterranean Europe Business” and “Internationalization Planning”.

The training contents will be available online both as PDF for download and discussion and as e-learning contents.


Module 4: Multicultural Management

In modern business, where networking and communication skills can be more important success factors than a product, knowledge of cultural differences and different business standards is an essential tool for global success. The module will cover general knowledge of multicultural business environments and will present cultural specifics of France, Italy, Portugal and Spain. This part of the course aims to raise participants’ awareness of cultural differences, their possible business repercussions, and behavioral strategies to deal with different cultural patterns.


The different possible combinations for the use of contents for training will be tested by partners, on piloting experiences. During this piloting phase, each partner will propose and test blended methodologies for training, combining classroom sessions, supported by learning modules and materials, and e-learning sessions, using the learning platform.

From the piloting will result a Best Practices Guide with the explanation of the different pilot experiences, including how it was made, resources used, results achieved and recommendations.